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We here at SlapFace love to see active people in the community. We love when we have people willing to support us in making a good and fun network. Your contributions go to further the network and also provide more and more features to the servers. We appreciate your consideration to donate. Hope you all have fun on the network.

Minecraft Server: mc.slapface.net

Discord: Discord.SlapFace.Net

If you have any problems with your purchase or have any questions you may need answered please submit a ticket on the website at https://www.slapface.net/support

Once again hope you enjoy the server, can't wait to see you on there.

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Here at SlapFace we do not accept refunds or chargebacks, unless you talk to a high staff member and get it approved then we will manually give you your money back. If you refund or chargeback without talking to a high staff member, it will result in a ban varying between 1 week and Permanently!